Sabse Bada Khiladi

Sabse Bada KhiladiSabse Bada Khiladi presents a unique perspective on the cricket crazy Junta (common man) in the backdrop of the IPL cricket season. The season unfolds through the eyes of eight cricket fans from various walks of life; (Housewife, College student, TV Celebrity, Working professionals, Villagers, etc.) as they battle for supremacy with their fantasy teams.

The on­-field performance of real life players impacts the day to day lives of these eight fantasy players through the means of reality TV and social media. This creates a unique opportunity for Sponsors to bond with the common man through three proven passions: Cricket, Cricket (Reality TV) and Cricket (Social Media).

Each episode will serve to enlighten the viewer about fantasy cricket, with insights from our online community experts, cricket experts and player insights. We follow our Khiladis in their everyday life, their relationships, their work and how cricket and more importantly their love of cricket and fantasy cricket impacts these aspects of their lives. The highs and lows, the personal strains that develop both between the competing players and those that make up their everyday lives.