David Hopper

I first met David while working for Universal Studios TV. David had just put the first of two television stations on-air. As general manager of a start-up he assumed many roles in the day to day operations from sales manager to news director. David was a quick learner when it came to programming and has developed a keen awareness of the changes and demands in audience expectations. David has boundless energy, strong creative abilities, and a firm grasp of the business requirements of sponsored television programming.

Richard Nailing - Universal Studios TV

David Hopper

I've known David Hopper for 15 years. How would I describe him? He's a creative dynamo — that rare individual who not only has the talent to come up with original ideas, but also has the experience to follow through to the production of a first-rate show. A dependable, astute writer/producer, David also has the advantage of being great fun to work with. He's a sure thing — and that's saying a lot in this crazy business!

Diane Lake - Screenwriter

David Hopper

I had the pleasure of working with David Hopper at the first Fox affiliate WXXV in Mississippi. Through creative promotional campaigns Mr. Hopper and I were able to obtain some of the highest overnight ratings for the fledgling Fox shows like "Married with Children" and "21 Jump Street" and "Werewolf". Mr. Hopper's programming finesse allowed our "sign-on" station to beat the dominating competitor in several key time periods. Before gaining our FOX affiliation we ranked in the top ten of independent stations nationwide in several key dayparts. Before gaining the FOX affiliation Mr. Hopper developed a unique "checkerboard" programming schedule creating theme nights based on specific film and programming genres, developed theme movie weeks and accompanying promotional campaigns which helped repackage movies and create enthusiasm among the public. His tie-ins with the local community and his understanding of the television audience helped put the WXXV brand throughout the community and proved to be a hugely popular addition to south Mississippi and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Robert L. Williams, founding member and the Artistic Director - Dancing Barefoot Productions

David Hopper

I've had the pleasure of working for David twice in my career. He was a strong manager and excellent leader. More importantly, he was inspirational; he taught me to push myself creatively to get things done. One of our promotions received national attention, and it was only with David’s willingness to take risks that it ever occurred.

To this day he remains a mentor to me, and I doubt without his guidance I would be where I am. I think his combination of television, film and writing experience is hard to beat. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Greg Stroud, Vice-President, Creative - Fine Living Network

Mandar Bam

Mandar has worked with me on a 4 part travelogue documentary and has worked his way up from beginning as a Production Assistant, to Production Manager. In short time he has progressed to become an Advertising Rep and Produce to handle advertising film in coordinating producer's capacity towards eventually producing television and advertising film projects for Copacetic.

Deepti Datt, Owner / Proprieter - COPACETIC

John Welch

We hired Connect Technology to create a dynamic, database-driven set of interactive tools that would function across several web sites. This type of project had never been attempted before by anyone. John & the team @ Connect was able to efficiently manage the project flow and the result was a first-of-its-kind interactive tool suite that has by far exceeded everyone's expectations.

Tim Mask, Vice President - Maris West and Baker

John Welch

John and the staff of Connect have provided us with a new site. The engine behind the site is full of customizable options that have allowed us to add, maintain and modify our products. The complexity of our product lines, combined with the many options or variations of each product meant that we needed someone who had a very high level of expertise. We couldn't be happier with the result & the relationship.

Kenneth J. Huval, President - Evangeline Specialties

John Welch

We engaged John Welch & his Connect team to partner with our marketing agency to develop our new website. The result was a world-class site with a purpose-driven marketing strategy. Even when the project was delayed due to last-minute design changes, John and his team worked tirelessly to deliver on time.

Donnie Williams, IT Director - Scott Equipment